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2018 Round 11 - Spartans vs Hogs

The Hogs have beaten the Spartans twice this season, each contest by a single point, would we be treated to another tight physical contest? Indeed!

The Hogs welcomed back Plamondon after he missed the previous contest, although Berrington would miss due to injury as did Spartans playmaker Ottens.

The Hog offence continued their recent form, Plamondon scoring twice in the 2nd quarter. The second score damaging, as the Spartans had just tied the game, the Hogs answering with a one play drive, Welbourn hitting Plamondon for the quick strike TD.

The Spartans took the lead in the 3rd Webb connecting with Reichstein before converting for two, taking a 15-14 lead into the fourth. Interestingly the Spartans have led all three contests in the 4th but have not been able to close.

The Hogs continued to consistently move the ball but stalled in the redzone. Making 4 second half trips into the redzone, netting zero points (turnover on downs, fumble and missed FG). The Spartans making a terrific goal line stand to keep the game close.

Ultimately the rushing attack of Valles and the Hogs multiple receiving threats overcame the Spartans, with Olsson scoring late to secure the win.

The Hogs have now secured a bowl berth but will look to clean up offensively, after allowing the Spartans to stay close. The Spartans now look toward the prelim and fighting for a bowl rematch.


SPARTANS: Webb 2 passing. Volar 1 receiving. Reichstein 1 receiving...

RAZORBACKS: Welbourn 3 passing. Plamondon 2 receiving. Olsson 1 receiving.S.


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