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2018 Round 8 - Spartans vs Hogs

The Hogs and Spartans entered week 8 battling for the bye, so a physical matchup was expected. Fans were treated with hard hitting and momentum swings, as the Spartans scored on their first drive due to a blown coverage assignment. The hogs responded with multiple methodical drives, but were hurt by penalties and unable to score.

The Spartans moved the ball well during the second quarter, Webb converting a field goal to take a 10-0 lead. The Hogs replied immediately, a pass orientated drive with Berrington being the recipient of multiple catches and the eventual TD reception.

Late in the third the Spartans elected to kick from inside the 5, giving them a 13 – 6 lead, hoping their D could limit the Hogs attack.

The comeback kids thought otherwise, down 8 with under two minutes left in regulation the Hogs took advantage of a Spartans turnover. Berrington converting a key 4th and 5 before hauling in the TD reception (2nd for the game), leaving the Hogs with a decision, kick for the tie or go for the win. The Hogs elected to go for the win, converting behind the power running of Valles, who capped off a fantastic rushing afternoon by scoring the game winning points.

A excellent contest and maybe a preview of December football.

The Hogs will now look to lock up the bye, this week facing the one-win Chiefs.

The Spartans face the intriguing Eagles, whom are in form of late. Should be an exciting weekend at Riverside..


SPARTANS: Webb 1 passing, 2 FG. Martin 1 receiving..

RAZORBACKS: Welbourn 2 passing. Berrington 2 receiving. FG.


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