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2018 Round 5 - Spartans vs Eagles

Showing steady improvement, would the Eagles knock off the Spartans after their first loss in over a year? The probably should have, and will be kicking themselves that they didn’t.

The Spartans continue to move away from their traditional power offence, featuring the pass far more often. Webb connecting with Reichstein three times.

Untimely errors and turnover continue to cost the Eagles at critical moments in games, the Eagles could easily be sitting at 2-2, but haven’t managed to close the last two weeks. Losing each game by a single point.

Given the bye week to regroup, will the Eagles iron out their turnover issues and record their first win against the Chief on the 20th?

Are the last two weeks an aberration, or has the competition figured out how to slow the Spartans? Should be a good contest against the Oilers, whom are looking to rebound from their first loss of the season.


SPARTANS: Webb 3 passing. Reichstein 3 receiving.

EAGLES: Crummy 2 passing. Draper 1 receiving. Long 1 receiving. Burford fumble recovery TD.


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