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2018 Round 1- Spartans vs Eagles

The 2018 season opener took a while to get going, the first half looking sloppy with multiple turnovers (Crummey 3 INT’s). Surprise QB De Francesca opening the scoring.

With multiple outs for week one, the Eagles struggled to move the ball efficiently. They’ll have to find ways to apply scoreboard pressure, or a long season awaits.

The Spartans surprised, lining up primarily in the spread, with a larger focus on the pass than we’ve recently seen. Van Pamelen throwing for a score all but ending the Eagles chances.

Can the Eagles generate points next week against the premiers?

Are the Spartans shifting from their traditional power run, and whom is their starting QB?


Spartans: De Francesca 1 rushing. Van Pamelen 1 passing. Formentera 1 receiving. receiving

Eagles: n/a


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