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2017 Round 3 - Spartans vs Chiefs

The late game loomed as an exciting battle between the running game of the Spartans and the passing attack of the Chiefs, the opening quarter did not disappoint.

The Spartans easily scored on the game’s first possession, with a constant dose of Volar. The Chiefs immediately answered with a Caputo to Bartlett connection. After fantastic opening statements from both teams, the wheels began to fall off.

A fantastic rushing attack was abandoned as the Spartans tried to open the passing game, consecutive interceptions followed with Myers (again) taking an INT to the house, before starting QB Van Pamelen was knocked from the contest. Volar rushed another TD, the score 14-14 at the half.

After forming a strong connection with Benjamin during the first half, it was now the Chiefs turn to abandon their strength for a quarter, consistently rushing after their primary runner was lost to injury.

The Spartans abandoned their spread set, and returned to their power running formation as Hassal, Musallum (on a brilliant long run) and Volar all scored.

The relentless running of the Spartans too much for the Chiefs to handle.


SPARTANS: Volar 3 rushing. Musallum 1 rushing. Hassall 1 rushing.

CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing. Bartlett 1 receiving. Meyers INT return for TD.


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