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2017 Round 11 - Spartans vs Hogs

With past Spartans and Hogs in attendance, the 2017 outfits put on a dull display of turnovers, one series in the first quarter the Spartans fumbled, with the hogs returning the favour two plays later.

The first half being somewhat uneventful. Van Pamelen scored his first of the day early in the 3rd.

Brad Vegera intercepted Lawrence twice late in the fourth, allowing Van Pamelen to dive in from ½ yard out.

The Spartans are now minor premiers with 2 contests remaining, and have a berth in the Great Southern Bowl. Will the offensive side get back on track after a quiet week, can Volar reach 1000 yards, will they remain undefeated?

The Hogs will need to regroup and devise a scheme to generate points as they fight for a bowl rematch against the Spartans.


SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 2 rushing.



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