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2017 Round 5 - Spartans vs Eagles

Rushing the ball is certainly no trend for the Spartans, even after importing a new QB, their commitment to the run is astounding.

Boasting the league’s most productive rushing attack (Volar and Musallum) the Spartans are literally running over opponents this season, continually wearing down opposing defenses.

This is a team that looks to build a score early and protect that lead with a strong defense and clock killing run game.

While the Spartan run game is exceptional, the pass game is currently tied for league worst, if required can the Spartans mount a comeback?

Unfortunately for the Eagles, (and Gridiron SA), 2 more quarterbacks were lost to injury in round five, without a starter at the helm and facing an outstanding defense, the Eagles were outmatched and ran over.


SPARTANS: Musallum 2 rushing, Vollar 2 rushing

EAGLES: Safety


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