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Semi Final - Spartans vs Chiefs

Semi Final - : Spartans Vs Chiefs

So Close Yet So Far

In a game that ultimately came down to a turnover in the dying seconds, fans were treated to an extremely close match. Both teams were able to establish their identities and take advantage of opponent errors, with the Spartans heading into the major break with a 12-6 advantage after capitalising on a short field after a South City turnover.

The Chiefs passing attack came alive in the second half, with a deep pass resulting in 6, tying the game 12-12. The score shifting momentum as the Spartans moved away from their running game, resulting in two interceptions, noticeably lifting the South City intensity.

The Chiefs held the ball for most of the fourth, the Spartans defence bending but not breaking, continually keeping South City from converting within the redzone.

With under two minutes to play the Spartans held the ball on inside their own 20, the Chiefs defence playing with intensity and forcing a punt with under 20 seconds remaining, overtime awaiting (or so we thought).

At the snap South City brought pressure, the Spartans punter somewhat indecisive as defenders approached, SOUTH CITY BLOCKS THE PUNT, returning the fumble for a Touchdown, giving the Chiefs 20-12 lead in the dying seconds.

A crushing end to what was a fantastic season for the Spartans (6-4 being their best finish in recent seasons), whom are sure to regroup and return stronger next season, hoping to go one step further after two straight semi final exists.

Spartans 12 – 20 Chiefs

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