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Round 10 - Spartans vs Oilers

Round 10: Spartans Vs Oilers

After dropping their opening 3, the Spartans have come to life at the business end of the season behind a dominant running game.

All 7 scores against the Oilers were of the rushing variety.

After a strong showing for club legend George Williams a week earlier, the Oilers looked uninspiring against a hard hitting defence.

The Spartans now face the Chiefs and Hogs in a race to the finish with the Eagles (whom face the Hogs and Oilers).

Will their passing game let them down, currently averaging a league worst 48 yards per game.

It’s going to be a tight black and purple race to the finish..

Spartans 44 – 0 Oilers


SPARTANS: Nassaris 1 rushing, 1 punt return. Volar 2 rushing. Webb 2 rushing. Ottens 1 rushing.


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