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Round 6 - Spartans vs Eagles

Round 6: Spartans Vs Eagles

It was time for the Spartans to battle it out against the Eagles again after a disappointing loss to them in Round 2, the Spartans were out for redemption.

The Eagles won the toss and chose to receive the ball which put the Spartans defense on the field first and they set the pace early. A quick three and out sending a message to the Eagles from the start.

After a punt from Eagles QB Lewis Whitten the Offense took the field and not to be outdone by the defense scored a touchdown with their first drive. Damian Volar ran in the 3 yard TD and the Spartans managed to convert the extra two points making it a 8-0 game at the end of the 1st.

The Eagles continued to struggle against the Spartans defense in the 2nd quarter with the Spartans only giving up two passes. The offense kept up a strong running game with Aaron Nassaris, Damian Volar and Joshua Dalay-On getting consistent yards on traps and counters.

The Spartans were able to score again with an amazing power run by Damian Volar and finished off with a 4 yard QB sneak to Ryan Hassall but they were unsuccessful in converting the extra two points.

Unfortunately the Eagles managed to find a hole in what seemed like a impenetrable defense and they managed to score a touchdown but after a fumbled attempt on the one point conversion the Spartans managed to keep the score to 14-6 game going into half time.

As the 2nd half got underway with the Spartans receiving the ball, the offense kept up the pace marching the ball all the way to the Redzone but falling short and turning the ball over on downs. Not to fear though as the Spartans defense was here and with another quick three and out and a poor punt by the Eagles the offense was able to start with great field position to set up for another score.

Even with a chop block penalty, sending the Spartans back 15 yards, it didn’t stop Nassaris from scoring another touchdown with a massive 45 yard run and breaking several tackles.. With a successful two point conversion it was now a 22-6 lead to the Spartans.

Ryan Hassall managed to keep the kickoffs low in an extremely windy game sending the Eagles back to the 15 yard line. After a few failed plays by the Eagles a reverse seemed to be their saving grace but after a tackle from Jason Bonello and Brodie Jachmann-Evans on Eagles running back Nolty the ball was knocked out but luckily recovered again by the Eagles, this would end out the third quarter.

The 4th quarter saw the Spartans defense continue to punish the Eagles which allowed the Spartans offense to keep great field position. Aaron Nassaris scored another touchdown after a 13 yard run and after making the two point conversion, made the score to 30-6.

This would be how the game ended sending a message to the league that the Spartans weren't ready to lie down just yet.

Round 6 MVP’s were Ryan Hassall for offense after a strong showing at QB even though he was injured late in the 4th quarter. Defensive MVP was Jonathan Behrend with a stellar game keeping the agile Eagles QB contained for the whole game.

The Spartans have a week off to prepare for re-match against the league leaders Adelaide Uni on the 29/10 @ Brighton Rugby Club.

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