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Player Profile: Aaron Nassaris

Q) When did you first start?

Started in 2005/2006 season.

Q) Nickname?


Q) What got you into it?

A friend wanted someone to come try out juniors with him.

Q) Accolades?

League MVP, 3 x Spartans MVP, 7 x All Star Awards.

Q) Favourite moment?

Being Awarded the 2015 League MVP.

Q) Biggest Win?

Defeating the South City Chiefs after being down 19-3 going into the 4th quarter.

Q) Worst Loss?

Losing the 2015 Semi Final in over time.

Q) Proudest team (year of the team that you were most proud of their effort in the season)?

2015 Spartans. Facing the Eagles and losing in overtime in the Semi Finals.

Q) Favourite NFL team?

Kansas City Chiefs.

Q) Favourite College Team?

Miami U.

Q) What's your favourite part about playing?

Playing with a great group of friends and leading them out as a Captain.

Q) What other sports would you consider playing if not gridiron?

Food eating contests.

Q) Favourite opponent to play against (within GASA)?

The Spartans LB’s and D Line.

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