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Round 3 - Spartans vs Chiefs

The Spartans went down to the Chiefs 14 to 18 in the opening game of Round 3.

With another wet and cold day looming spirits looked high on both teams as the Spartans were looking for their first win of the season after two close hard hitting games so far.

The Spartans scored first with a well known Spartans power run play to take a 6-0 lead early in the 1st quarter. Joshua "T-Rex" Dalay-On with the TD.

As the 2nd quarter began the Chiefs seemed to finally slow down the Spartans run game and managed to even up the score with a deep pass resulting in a TD. After failing to get the 2 point conversion it was 6-6

The Spartans did not take this laying down and answered with another TD after a big run from Damian Volar to take the score to 14-6 after completing the 2 point conversion. The Spartans took the lead into half time.

As the second half started both teams were plagued with some silly penalties which seemed to effect the Spartans and the Chiefs scored another TD. The Spartans were able to stop the 2 point conversion to retain the lead 14-12.

The 3rd quarter ended with both defenses shutting down offensive opportunities and the Spartans still in the lead by only 2 points,

When the 4th quarter started the Spartans finally seemed to get some good pressure on the Chiefs new Quaterback but on a option left play the Chiefs managed to snatch the lead away from the Spartans with a TD putting the score at 14-18.

With only 2 minutes remaining and no time outs the Spartans constructed a magical trick halfback throw play to gain 30 yards and a 1st down to put them into scoring distance only to have a flag thrown on the play and be brought back. A subsequent turnover on downs resulted int the Chiefs kneeling the game out to beat the Spartans 14-18.

Offensive MVP’s for Round 3 were the Offensive Line - Jason Bonello (RT), Scott Muldoon (RG), Andrew Stevens (C), Joe Kulonja (LG) and Josh Karp (LT) with a spectacular game of run and pass blocking to give the team a chance to win the game.

Defensive MVP awarded to Brad Vegera (not Brad Jackson) after an amazing game on defense constantly shutting down some big pass plays by the Chiefs college experienced QB.

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