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Round 2 - Spartans vs Eagles

The Spartans lost their Round 2 match up with Uni SA Eagles 16-19.

Both the Spartans and the Eagles were at an disadvantage on what seemed like a beautiful day for football when only moments before the game was set to kick off the sky’s opened and the rain started coming down. This made for an scrappy first half with fumbles and missed tackles in the windy and slippery conditions.

In a low scoring first half the Eagles scored the only Touchdown and with the extra point conversion the Spartans were down 0-7 at half time.

The second half kicked off in much better conditions as the weather seemed to improve allowing both teams to get into their strides. This led to an amazing game of smash mouth football as the running game seemed to be the plan for both teams with the unpredictable weather.

The Spartans Defense was dominant shutting down the Eagles offence on multiple occasions and a great drive by the Spartans offense saw them lead 8-7 heading into the last break.

The Eagles took the lead back again early in the fourth but the Spartans were able to counter with another QB sneak and 2 point conversion to lead 16-13. The game came down to the last two minutes with the Eagles snatching back the lead from the Spartans after a Lewis Wyten pass to Olivieri.

A disappointing loss after a gutsy effort by the Spartans.

MVP’s for Round 2 were Aaron Nassaris on offense with some amazing runs against a strong Eagles defense and Ryan Ottens on defense for his amazing run defense and some massive tackles to stop some big plays from the Eagles.

Full Game :

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