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Player Profile: Ryan Ottens

Q) When did you first start?

Started in 2001

Q) What got you into it?

My best mate got me into juniors. He played the first ever season and told me to come out the year after

Q) Accolades?

Q) Favourite moment?

Being chosen captain for the Australian Outback team for the 2011 world cup by the other players

Q) Biggest Win?

When Australia beat Great Britain in England in 2009 as massive under dogs

Q) Worst Loss?

Losing the juniors grand final on the last play of the game

Q) Proudest team (year of the team that you were most proud of their effort in the season)?

2015 Spartans. Making it all the way into overtime in the semi final was an amazing effort

Q) Favourite NFL team?


Q) Favourite College Team?

MSU Spartans

Q) What's your favourite part about playing?

Playing with some amazing people, getting to travel, and hitting people in the face

Q) What other sports would you consider playing if not gridiron?

AFL. Could have actually gotten paid!

Q) Favourite opponent to play against (within GASA)?

Used to love playing against Brad Bennet when he was at Tight End. Always a tough battle and awesome hits

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